Soft Powers
De Volkskrant 1 juli 2004: Serenade to a popcorn - girl
In this special film of thirteen minutes, a bespectacled projectionist battles an attractive usher
for the love of a beautiful popcorn-girl. Whilst they are circling an old popcorn-machine - like Leonardio di Caprio and Clare Danes around the aquarium
in 'Romeo + Juliet' - the projectionist breaks into a sudden serenade.

Nederlands Film Festival / Utrechts Nieuwsblad: Top Ten student films
Joyful and original comedy about the rivalry between the shy projectionist Harry
and a popular usher - at the same time hommage to the Arnhem Rembrandt Theatre.
The fact that Julia Kaiser worked there as a projectioist herself doesn't come as a surprise.
Thanks to Kaisers creativity, Harry can, in his attempt to conquer the heart of the popcorn-girl, transform reality into a true musical. Such a theme is not to be shot on video, but very traditionally on film: Ready for cinematic projection. Kaiser has ambition, talent and imagination.

De Balie, Programma K. Schippers en de Liefde, september 2004
The projectionist of a Movie theater is caught up in the web of his love for the popcorn-girl.
The film he is to project glides over staircases, bursts into the auditorium, and eventually burns out,
taking the pretty popcorn-girl along with it: thus is the extent of the passion.
With a beautiful song, Julia Kaiser transforms the slur of everyday life into a musical.
Including an en-masse stair-decention à la those of the Ziegfield Follies.