Soft Powers
Zachte Krachten

Schenkel hasn't dreamed for years of teaching trouserless.
Han regularly dreams of being late for her final exam and not knowing what classroom to go to.
Soft Powers
DCP, 20' 56", colour and b/w

Folks who don't know what they want
manage to have a semi-satisfying afternoon.
Julia Kaiser writes, directs, produces, animates,
films and acts as her alter ego Han Profond,
who is interested in semiotics and lies about her age.
To escape the critical gaze of her mother the felt frog,
Han has moved out into the party shed that hasn't been used
since the early 80s. In this stimulating environment,
she drinks beers and welcomes her masked history teacher
Schenkel, as well as some ghosts from the past and future.

collection: EYE Film Instituut Nederland - Experimental

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